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Want to Find a Church?

Most denominational websites have them: “Find a Church” functions that help users locate information about local congregations. It takes time and resources to get all that programmed and keep the information current—yet those resources too often are wasted when the information is missing or wrong.

Our new report details how someone trying to find a local church’s website by searching through their denomination has only a 32% chance of success.

What You’ll Learn

Unfortunately, there are many problems with the “Find a Church” function:  churches with no website link (which may mean the denomination doesn’t have a link, or that the church still has no website), links that don’t work, etc.  We would describe it as hit-or-miss, but the reality is it’s more “miss” than “hit.”

The very reason most denominations put listings of their churches on their websites (usually in a prominent place) is so people can actually find them. What’s the point of going through all that time, trouble, and expense if a majority of website visitors are being given inaccurate information?

Find out more about the following:

  • 20% of churches belong to a denomination that doesn’t provide links to the websites of any of their member congregations
  • Among denominations that do provide these links, half of all listings for individual churches still have no web link—even when the church has a website
  • When links are provided, one out of five times the link is broken or wrong
  • Even though churches often lament the lack of young adults in the congregation, and young adults depend so heavily on social media, just one denomination provides a link to the Facebook page of each of their churches

This report is based on Grey Matter’s examination of nearly 8,000 individual church listings from 123 different Protestant denominations.

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