“How will you help make me more effective?”

Simply put, we provide primary research and information that makes a difference in your work.

This can be qualitative (a deep dive with fewer people), quantitative (surveys and other statistically projectable methods), or a combination of the two.

Rather than provide a lengthy list of specific methodologies, we should note that we’re methodology agnostic. That means we don’t push a certain approach. Instead, we work with you to determine what methods would provide the most meaningful, useful insight, whether that’s focus groups, agile research, an online survey, eye tracking, or anything else. Then we focus on solving your business needs and communicate what we learned together in simple English (no industry jargon).

What matters is that you get the insight you need, not a particular methodology we’re promoting.

“I appreciate that Ron listens to me as a person (not just a client) and searches for exactly ‘what’ it is that I am trying to accomplish, then, thoughtfully, responds with what he believes is the best method to proceed.”

Ossie Mills, The Inspiration Network

“Supposing is good, but finding out is better.”
– Mark Twain