“Is it Gray or Grey?”

So is it spelled with an “a” or an “e”?

  • There’s the gray squirrel, but also the greyhound.
  • Grey’s Anatomy is a hit show for ABC, but Gray’s Anatomy is a seminal medical textbook now in its 41st edition.
  • There’s the Grey Goose Golf Course in Decatur, Indiana, but down the road in Chesterton, Indiana, is the Gray Goose Inn.
  • For a bus ride, you can contact Greyhound Lines or Gray Line.
  • You can visit the town of Gray, Maine, or maybe you’d rather head to Greybull, Wyoming.
  • There’s actress Jennifer Grey, author Zane Grey, and Tolkien wizard Gandalf the Grey, but also singer Macy Gray, fictionally ageless Dorian Gray, and bandleader Glen Gray.
  • A Google search turns up 23.4 billion entries for “gray” and 12.1 billion for “grey.”
  • Gray is the color, while grey is the colour.

In the end, while “gray” is most common in the US, “grey” is the most accepted spelling globally, and we live in a global economy. Our clients do business all over the world. So we went with Grey Matter.

But if you accidentally try www.graymatterresearch.com, it will lead you right back to where you need to be.

And no, our name was not inspired by Gray Matter Technologies in Breaking Bad (although we do get this question a lot). Nor will there be a film sequel 50 Shades of Grey Matter – we’ll stick to research.

 “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
– Albert Einstein