Evangelical Mid-level Donors

There’s quite a bit of research available about donors in general. (We should know – we’ve conducted much of it.) But there’s not much available on mid-level donors. And there’s even less available on evangelical mid-level donors.

Evangelical mid-level donors represent only a tiny proportion of Americans. This makes them quite hard to find and very expensive to study.

We joined forces with BBS & Associates to do it anyway.

Understanding This Exclusive Group

Grey Matter Research and BBS & Associates teamed up for the groundbreaking report Understanding Evangelical Mid-level Donors. This exclusive new research examines evangelicals who gave a single gift of $1,000 or more to one charity or ministry in the last year, or who had cumulative giving to one organization of at least $1,500 in the last year.

(For a free copy of the report, simply e-mail ron@greymatterresearch.com.)

What You’ll Learn

In Understanding Evangelical Mid-level Donors, we examine this population in-depth. Specifically, you’ll learn the following:

  • What their overall giving looks like, including church and political donations
  • What was going on when they gave (special projects, matching grants, capital campaigns, etc.)
  • Their sustainer and planned giving activity
  • What their favorite organization is like (faith-based or not, size, cause, etc.)
  • How their giving might have changed recently (dropping organizations, adding new ones, increasing or decreasing their giving)
  • Favored methods for giving, and for receiving updates
  • Whether they have a personal contact at the organization they favor

Discover more about your larger givers in Understanding Evangelical Mid-level Donors, from Grey Matter Research and BBS & Associates. Just e-mail your request to ron@greymatterresearch.com and we’ll be happy to send you the free report (and not bombard you with sales efforts).

How Can We Help You?

Take a moment to consider how research like this can address the questions you have about the people your organization wants to reach. Grey Matter has served scores of non-profits, parachurch ministries, denominations, and individual churches, from tiny to massive.

In short, what do you need to know that will help you make more effective decisions? We can help you with that.


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