Who Are the Sustainers?

Whether you call them sustainers, monthly partners, or a catchy name like President’s Circle or Founder’s Club, they’re the people who have committed to give your organization a donation each month. They represent a commitment to regular, dependable income for your work.

But who are the sustainers?

No Clear Definition

The Sustainers report dover

In the new report The Sustainers: Exploring Monthly Donor Partnerships, Grey Matter Research and Infinity Concepts explore evangelical Protestant donors who are sustainers with at least one charity or ministry aside from their church. We also examine those who have declined to become monthly partners with any organization.

Who are monthly partners? What drives decisions to become a sustainer? What prevents evangelicals from signing up for a monthly partnership?

(For a free copy of The Sustainers, simply e-mail ron@greymatterresearch.com.)

What We Learned

In this new research, we examine sustainer relationships. Just some of what we cover:

  • Evangelical Protestants are 27% more likely than other donors to be sustainers.
  • Sustainer relationships generally come down to convenience, connection, and certainty.
  • The more spiritually engaged evangelicals are (frequent Bible reading, church attendance, etc.), the more likely they are to be sustainers.
  • One out of every four evangelicals not in a sustainer relationship has some sort of trust issue that prevents them from entering a monthly partnership.
  • But that’s not the biggest obstacle to developing sustainers…

What are the two biggest barriers? Get The Sustainers and find out. Just e-mail your request to ron@greymatterresearch.com and we’ll be happy to send you the free report (and not follow it with an avalanche of sales efforts).

How Can We Help You?

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