The story of social media is a story of lost opportunities for faith groups and donor-supported organizations:

  • 64% of American social media users are not connected with either a religious congregation or a leader from a religious congregation
  • 45% who regularly attend worship services are not connected with their own religious congregation on social media; 58% are not connected with a leader from their own congregation
  • 62% of American adults are not connected with any donor-supported charitable organization on social media, including about half of the donors who support such organizations
  • 63% say none of their social media connections holds religious beliefs that vary substantially from their own; 58% are not connected with anyone who holds very different political beliefs from their own

In the new report Lost Opportunities – Faith, Giving, and Social Media from Grey Matter Research and Harmon Research, you’ll learn the details about who’s using social media to connect with religion and/or charity. For a free copy of the brief report, please e-mail


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