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Do donors use charity watchdog organizations such as CharityWatch, GuideStar, and Charity Navigator?  Our exclusive new research shows the answer is yes…and no.

If you think donors run to these watchdog organizations before hitting the Donate Now button on your website, it’s time to think again.  The truth is that two-thirds of the contributing public rarely or never use charity watchdog organizations when they consider supporting an organization.  In fact, about half of all donors have never heard of any of the eight watchdog organizations we tested.

Charity Watchdogs - Ignore Them at Your Own Risk
But Wait…

At the same time, this means there are almost 36 million American donors who do use charity watchdogs at least sometimes, including over 23 million who always or usually use them.

We ran some advanced statistical models and found…that’s a lot of donors!  So if you think you can safely ignore what watchdog organizations have to say about your non-profit, we have almost 36 million reasons why that’s a really bad idea.

We also learned there are certain types of donors who use watchdogs far more than others, which you’ll want to discover if your organization is trying to attract a more demographically diverse set of donors, and/or you’re a faith-based organization.

Grey Matter Research has extensive experience serving the charitable sector, including a variety of exclusive research reports about donor perspectives and behavior.  This new study is the latest research we’re providing as a service to charities and ministries (you can find more here).

Grey Matter teamed up with Harmon Research to learn about donor awareness and use of organizations such as Ministry Watch, Wise Giving Alliance, and GiveWell in Charity Watchdogs – Ignore Them at Your Own Risk.  Don’t miss the important information in this new report!  It’s yours for the asking – just shoot an e-mail to ron@greymatterresearch.com.  We promise valuable information with no sales bombardment.


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