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Getting Past the Barriers to Do Research That Is Faster, Cheaper, and More Flexible

There are three main reasons we hear for why organizations are not using market research more often:

  • It takes too long
  • It costs too much
  • It’s not flexible or adaptable enough to meet our needs

This is unfortunate, because there are ways to substantially reduce each of these barriers.

So how do you address these issues?  The Grey Matter Research report Getting Past the Barriers:  How to Do Research That Is Faster, Cheaper, and More Flexible addresses these critical issues from the perspective of both the vendor and the client.

It Takes Too Long

Grey Matter has done a full-scale quantitative study—from initial proposal to report—in less than two weeks.

Unfortunately, not every research firm can respond this quickly.  And frankly, neither can every client.  We can’t tell you how many times clients have come to us with a rush project and then taken weeks to get the project set up, agree internally on objectives, review the questionnaire we create, etc.

We had a client call to inquire whether we could arrange and recruit focus groups among their constituents within a week.  We said we could make that happen, but we needed their list immediately for recruiting.  After a long pause, the answer was, “I can’t get that to you for three weeks.”

Speed can be a matter of selecting a research firm that has the capacity to remove barriers and respond to your needs quickly.  But much of it has to do with how quickly your organization can release your vendors to do what they do best.

It Costs Too Much

Simply put, research costs money.  But if you’re on a tight budget, there are ways to reduce costs.

However, if you want a lower-cost study, you’ll likely have to sacrifice some things.  Maybe you receive a brief topline report on key findings rather than a full report.  Maybe we have to reduce the sample size, or shorten the questionnaire.  You can’t get a Bentley for the price of a Buick.

We’ve created studies that don’t cost six figures or even five figures, making research affordable for all sizes of organizations.

Talk to your research vendor, and be real with them about the budget.  But also be real about what you can sacrifice in order to get there.

It’s Not Flexible Enough

There are many reasons for this common complaint.  Sometimes the objectives keep changing mid-stream or aren’t clear in the first place.  Sometimes competing interests within the organization fight for control.  As with costs and timing, tell your research vendors what you need and empower them to get that information for you.

There are also ways the research can be designed to have more flexibility.  We have methods of allowing you to adapt the stimuli being tested (e.g. concepts, messaging, logos, names, taglines) to consumer feedback throughout the research, turning the design into a collaborative process with your target market.  A good qualitative moderator can adapt questions or respond to new stimuli being introduced that responds to consumer feedback.  Research does not have to be inflexible.

Don’t Miss the Full Report

Getting Past the Barriers is a brief report that gives you ideas and options for how you can remove some of these obstacles and get the information you need to make wiser, more informed decisions.

Please e-mail for a free copy of Getting Past the Barriers, and discover more options for addressing your information needs.


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