How to Do Research That Is Faster, Cheaper, and More Flexible

There are three main reasons we hear for why organizations are not using marketing research more often:

  • It takes too long
  • It costs too much
  • It’s not flexible or adaptable enough to meet their needs

This is unfortunate, because there are ways to substantially reduce each of these barriers.

  • Speed: Grey Matter has done a full-scale quantitative study—from initial proposal to report—in less than two weeks.
  • Cost: We’ve created studies that don’t cost six figures or even five figures, making research affordable for even small organizations.
  • Flexibility: We have ways of allowing you to adapt the stimuli being tested (e.g. concepts, messaging, logos, names, taglines) to consumer feedback throughout the research, turning the design into a collaborative process with your target market.

Getting Past the Barriers is a brief report that gives you ideas and options for how you can remove some of these obstacles and get the information you need to make wiser, more informed decisions.

Please e-mail for a free copy of Getting Past the Barriers, and discover more options for addressing your information needs.


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