The Favorite Charity

We researched the very favorite charity or ministry of American evangelicals. Their choices say a tremendous amount about evangelical giving priorities.

Grey Matter Research and Infinity Concepts asked evangelical Protestant donors to name the one organization outside of their church they would support above all others.

What They Say vs. What They Do

Evangelical donors tell us they prefer supporting faith-based organizations.  Eighty-four percent claim to prefer this, as a matter of fact.

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However, when they name their top organization, only 46% name a faith-based organization they would support above all others.

Yes, many evangelicals favor a Christian organization such as Compassion International, Joyce Meyer Ministries, or American Bible Society. But even more put as their top priority an entirely secular organization such as Paralyzed Veterans of America, Save the Children, or the American Red Cross.

These are some of the findings from our new study The Favorite Charity: Evangelical Giving Priorities. Our report covers research among over 1,000 evangelicals, conducted by Grey Matter Research and Infinity Concepts.

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What Else You Can Learn

Our investigation also discovered a few other things about the favorite charity or ministry of evangelicals:

  • Eight out of ten who don’t prioritize a faith-based organization have at least some concerns about how Christian organizations handle the mix of faith and charity – particularly whether non-Christians would be helped.
  • Evangelicals usually prioritize massive brands over small organizations.
  • Many donors talk about wanting to give to organizations with low expenses.  However, very few evangelicals prioritize organizations that actually have a very low overhead ratio.

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How Can We Help You?

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