Many assumptions about Christian donors have emerged over the years, and come to be treated as “conventional wisdom.” But how wise is it to believe something that may or may not be founded on reality?

Grey Matter’s new report, based on thousands of interviews with donors, non-donors, and clergy, explores some of the most common myths about Christian donors. Do Christians really give more than other people? Do they give more generously? Do they primarily support Christian ministries and causes? Do they concentrate on spreading their faith to others? Do they focus on stewardship more than other people?

The answer to some of these questions is “yes.” The answer to others…not so much.

What we discovered in this research is critically important to anyone serving in a donor-supported organization, a church, or an agency that supports non-profits.


  • …what proportion of Christian donors actually target Christian organizations with their gifts
  • …how religious involvement correlates with giving and volunteering
  • …how open Christians are to supporting secular causes and organizations
  • …which religious perspective is least likely to be connected with giving behavior
  • …what proportion of Protestant clergy have financially supported secular non-profits
  • …whether Christians emphasize international outreach in their giving
  • …what percentage of Christians believe they’re under a biblical mandate to tithe—and what proportion actually do

Please e-mail for a free copy of Myths of the Christian Donor, and discover which myths are actually true and which are not.


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