Donors are the lifeblood of most not-for-profit organizations. So it’s critical to understand them—their behaviors, their beliefs, their motivations, their perspectives, their desires.

Russ Reid partnered with Grey Matter Research to bring to life the Heart of the Donor. This is a groundbreaking study that explores donors (and non-donors) to non-profit organizations. It’s one of the most comprehensive studies of donors ever conducted. We included over 2,000 respondents in a nationally representative sample. It was conducted by telephone as well as online. It was conducted in English and in Spanish. And it included people who give a lot, those who give a little, and those who don’t give at all.

A detailed executive summary is available to you. In this study, we explored:

  • What’s the single strongest predictor of whether or not someone financially supports non-profit organizations?
  • How are donors actually giving in today’s world—is direct mail dead?
  • Who gives the most, and who gives the most generously (in comparison to their household income)? How can the largest and most generous donors (who, by the way, are not always the same people) be most effectively reached?
  • Are people who don’t financially support non-profits really non-donors? Or are they involved in other ways? How likely are they to give in the future?
  • How did the massive Haiti earthquake impact giving?
  • Are churches and non-profits really in competition for the donor dollar? What’s the impact of church giving on the support non-profits receive?

If you would like to receive this study, please e-mail for a free copy of Heart of the Donor.

Because if you don’t understand your target audience, you can’t hope to reach them effectively.


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