Our message is that to reach your target market effectively, you must understand them and reach them on their terms.  Funny how many research companies preach that same message, but then don’t apply it to their own target market:  you.


So here’s what we offer:


· Service – We return calls.  We discuss ideas with you.  We ask questions.  We give you options.  We stay flexible.  We keep you in the loop.  We focus on your needs.  Most of all, we listen.

· Direct Contact – You’ll be working with someone who has years of experience in the market research world, not a junior project manager one year out of school.  You’ll be working start-to-finish with the same person, not passed from a friendly sales rep to an unknown project director.  

· Experience – You’ll be served by someone who has moderated scores of qualitative projects, designed and directed multiple six-figure quantitative projects (plus hundreds of smaller ones), and served some of the world’s great brands.

· Creativity – There are many possible ways to get at the information you need.  We want to design the most efficient and effective way of doing so, not just the way we did it the last time.


We say all this because this is what most of our clients value – the important thing is what do you need?  Want a video executive summary?  Let’s make it happen.  Rather have your report in Word than in PowerPoint?  No problem.  Need visuals for those creative qualitative exercises?  Check.  Want to replicate this project in Portugal?  We’ll get to work on it.


To reach our target market effectively, we must understand you and reach you on your terms.

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

John Wooden

“The results and final report for our project provided more

than information. Grey Matter Research & Consulting

provided clear and actionable insights.

Robert J. Sanford, Director for Marketing

The Christian and Missionary Alliance




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